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Who We Are


Get ready for a unique shopping experience—one that is designed just for you. While others may say that, we actually mean it because helping you find your signature style is both our honor and forte! And the fact that we are located on the second level of a luxury Lexus dealership—with an award-winning restaurant up top—emphasizes our commitment to dressing life uniquely.


Our Thought Process

As children, we loved to play dress up. We were free to try on clothes from other’s closets without the judgmental overtones of: I look too fat; my legs are too short; my feet look too big, etc, etc. These thoughts were not part of our lexicon.

Somewhere, many of us lost sight of this freedom to discover who we are through the adventure of trying something new and different. Our goal is to help you re-discover the freedom, fun and fulfillment that come with style exploration. 

A 'You Original'

We promise you will find no judgment here, only unique styles from the biggest names in fashion design today. And it won’t be something you will necessarily find at the larger department stores. We carefully choose our inventory and like to look deep into the line, discovering the unique, eclectic styles in all sizes that not everyone else is wearing. Best-sellers you can find at the big-name stores; we are interested in the best-you. 

Being You Becomes You

Come in and be a kid again. Browse with curiosity, take your time, and feel free to try on whatever catches your eye. We are privileged to be your guide in this style-adventure of transforming into yourself.